Just Me… and Bipolar

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Angry and Lost

It's been a while since I've shared anything on here. I've been exhausted and frankly in crisis.   A couple of weeks ago I hospitalized myself for the second time this year. My moods had become so erratic and rapidly... Continue Reading →

Cries for Help

Helpless. Hopeless. Fear. No Desire. Foggy mind. Crying. Isolation. These are all classic signs of depression. I feel all these, daily. But I feel so much more too. I get angry and irritable, like the stark raving mad kind of... Continue Reading →

Swallowed Up

I've been absent from here for a bit now. Things just haven't been great for me. I'm struggling getting myself to work and then through the days there. My head is playing tricks again. Thoughts of death and dying are... Continue Reading →

Lost and Alone

My moods lately have been rather poor. It feel there is something heavy hanging over me at all times. I cry. My mind races. Every noise or discomfort feels greatly out of proportion causing me some intense irritability, agitation and... Continue Reading →

A Not so Brief History of Me

So I started writing this and as usual got off track almost immediately. I originally titled this "Pills, Pills, Pills" but it became something else. It'll come back to pills... eventually. If you're even still reading, hang in there. One... Continue Reading →

Not Enough Doctors; A Glimpse Into My Bipolar Symptoms

This Facebook post came shortly after my doctors started discussing the possibility of a bipolar diagnosis but not a one was willing to actually change the diagnosis. Although getting the diagnosis was probably made impossible because of difficulty in finding, and... Continue Reading →

On Hospitalization and Putting it All Out There

I'm starting this blog out with my very first post from Facebook after getting out of the hospital that had any real substance. I think it belongs here. I think it very much will show my journey, how it changed,... Continue Reading →

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