Hello, my name is Jenica.

I’m not real eloquent with my words, but lets give this a shot. I’ve been recently diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and have been finding it pretty tough to process. I read and research and find the human mind a fascinating thing. But mostly I’m just me… a graphic designer, girlfriend, overly sarcastic Buddhist, oftentimes-too-emotional/irritable/frustrated human being just trying to make her way through this maze of a life that’s been given to me. I plan to use this space as a place to put my vents and ramblings about the fascinating and terrifying things about my Bipolar experience. None of it will be scientific (maybe), but please don’t take anything I say as concrete evidence and go following my so called “advice”. Anyway… if you’ve read this far… thank you. If you find something here to relate to, I’m happy. Please let me know… this world can be a very lonely place.